Barolo Chinato

Variety: 100% vino Barolo d.o.c.g + selected herbs

The story of this wine is linked to the lively reality of wine production in the Langhe in the late nineteenth century. The leading players were Dr. Cappellano of Serralunga and Dr. Zabaldano of Monforte, who were able to create an elixir, which cemented its place in the rural culture of the region. After obtaining a certain level of market interest. Ceretto became one of the champions of its revival in the late 80s.
Our recipe combines a D.O.C.G. Barolo, with a dozen, carefully selected herbs and the China Calissaia (cinchona) infusion, separately, in spirits.
The result is a continuous succession of flavors that ends with pleasantly bitter notes perfectly balanced with sugar.
Barolo Chinato can be considered the perfect end to a meal and is a good accompaniment for chocolate based desserts.