Barolo D.O.C.G.

Rocche di Castiglione

Commune: Castiglione Falletto;
Give voice to differences: that's our recent motto. The need to meticulously investigate the local area and narrate a new vineyard is an absolute source of pride. 
In this MGA (Additional Geographic Mention), the structures have a violent slope and seem to cling to the ground by a miracle, dominating the bottom of the hill that remains firmly in the hands of the forest. The exposure is cool, south-eastern, and the soils are lean and particularly loose, with the mother rock often surfacing. It is a wine that creates an identity and is perfectly in tune with the area that generates it. In the glass we find a sharp, vertical liquid. It is a Barolo with a distinct expressive simplicity. The bouquet contains sensations of wild rose and pomegranate, hints of tamarind and strong citrus notes. The aftertaste is tight and juicy, with aromatic tones reminiscent of watermelon. It is a refined and classic wine, designed around the idea of balanced austerity.

“It was 1987 when I arrived at the winery and even though I was young I had the good fortune to work alongside Marcello Ceretto in the management of 11 hectares of Nebbiolo that were already in production at the time. It was an enlightening experience. In 1991, I was called upon to put into practice the teachings I had received and I was responsible for planting 4147 square metres of vineyard in Rocche di Castiglione. To see the birth of a label today that celebrates its importance is exciting".

Gianluigi Marengo, Farm Director