The Barolo Chapel, by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett (1999)

Brunate vineyard, La Morra

When we bought six hectares of the Brunate vineyard in 1970, we also acquired this small church, which was never consecrated. Almost in ruins, it was used to store farm equipment: the room inside was big enough to house a tractor.
While art and wine are now seen as an almost natural combination, our family had no desire to become involved with contemporary art back then. It was the great British artist David Tremlett who, during an extended stay in the Langhe region one August, came up with the idea of how to give the chapel a new lease of life. He contacted his friend and colleague Sol Lewitt to work with him on this vibrant, colourful project, a holy place to worship joy, a country parish reaching out to the world.

The Barolo Chapel is temporarily inaccessible due to ongoing work; it will be open again in 2025.

We would remember all visitors that the Chapel is located in a precious wine landscape that deserves all our attention and respect.

Cappella del Barolo - La Morra CN, Italy
GPS coordinates 44°37'41.312"N 7°56'41.824"E