The artist’s house

Monsordo Bernardina Estate, Alba, 2010

When we host artists who work on a project, it is essential for us to welcome them into the family and ensure that they experience the Langhe to the full. The Artist’s House - an old cottage facing the vineyards of the Tenuta Monsordo Bernardina, which we transformed into a loft with very high ceilings - allows them to completely immerse themselves in our region, enjoying the peace and solitude to cultivate creativity. The Langhe - so distant in geography and spirit from the big international cities from which the artists often come - host these famous names with simple admiration and respect, ensuring the right distance and anonymity that allows them to experience the everyday joys of provincial life: a walk in the country, a haircut at the barber. When Marina Abramovic spent a week with us, we took her to see the donkey race in Alba; and during a stay at the Artist’s House, Kiki Smith began sculpting with the clay that she had found in the countryside, little mounds of earth produced from work in our vineyard.